Start-Up & Commissioning

Start-up Cost $550.00

Standard start-up time for compressors below 30kw is 3 hours on site. 

The above rates are based on dedicated service visit per machine to do the start-up within a radius of a maximum of 1 hour travel time from the branch and includes only:

  • Labour on site during regular hours 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Travel time round trip (total 2 hours of travel time)
  • Truck and kilometer charges are based on 65 km per each way (total of 130 km)

The above times do not include distances being improperly evaluated, difficult installation sites (mezzanines, no serviceability space around the unit etc...) on site delays (safety inductions, trainings, controls etc..) or other factors not under CTS control. 

In the event that a start-up is expected to include any additional factors or for remote start-up locations, please contact the relevant CTS  Service Sales Representative for a quote or special pricing conditions that might be applicable. 

If distance is greater than 65 km one way, then additional kilometers and travel time charges will apply. 

The defined start-up times are per unit and are based on all the preoperational work being available to start the unit (this includes piping, electrical connections, water supply, etc..)

The defined start-up times do not include any training of customer personnel beyond a basic orientation of the unit (limited to Elektronicon menu navigation and a revision of the customers responsibility service routines as per the instruction book). Max time considered for this task is 30 minutes.

Please note that the travel time is considered from our nearest branch starting point to customer site (and back).