AIRnet Blue Aluminum Pipe 10' Length

AIRnet Blue Aluminum Pipe 10' Length


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AIRnet is a state of the art modular air distribution system designed to deliver a fast, easy and reliable distribution network.

Key Benefits

  • Polyester powder paint (Qualicoat certified)
  • Smooth internal surface with chrome free conversion treatment
  • Due to the non-corrosive properties, there is no impact on the thickness
  • Internally treated to minimize the frictional losses
  • Modular system, light weight & 100% reusable; very low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Comes with a standard 10 years warranty


AIRnet 10 Year Guarantee

In Line with the highest quality performance of the AIRnet product range, we provide our customers with a 10 year guarantee on the AIRnet Aluminum and Stainless Steel range of pipe and fittings against any damages resulting from material defect.

  • Use only genuine parts.
  • Perform installation according to our instructions and guidelines.
  • Never use the components below or in excess of its limit ratings.
  • Protect your installation against shocks or vibrations, corrosive environments.
  • Damaged parts and/or site conditions must be submitted for inspection, prior to the settlement of any claim.
  • AIRnet warranty is restricted to component replacement only.
  • Claims should be addressed to any Customer Center or Authorized distribution network according to the standard procedure.
  • This 10 year guarantee is limited to providing you with a new AIRnet fitting or pipe and is subject to our determination that the fitting or pipe failed exclusively due to a defect in the material during the production period.
  • The Point of use accessories will have a guarantee of 18 months from the date of supply or 12 months from the date of installation.