10 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor G7L

PSI Compressors, A Division of Atlas Copco Canada Inc.

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Robust & Economical 

The G 7 oil-injected rotary screw air compressor is energy efficient, reliable, and minimizes the total cost of ownership. These compressors are designed to withstand the harshest of environments and operate up to 46°C/115°F ambient conditions. 

Available as a stand-alone compressor (Pack) or including an integrated dryer (Full Feature).

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    Features & Benefits 

    • Sate of the Art compression element
    • Low energy consumption and high output of compressed air
    • Fully Integrated & Compact design
    • Controller to ensure optimum efficiency and reliability.
    • Ensures compliance with your air requirements and makes the best use of your valuable floor space.
    • Sound insulated canopy
    • No separate compressor room is required. Allows for installation in most working environments. Highest reliability
    • Robust Air Filter
    • Offers long lifetime and high reliability for long service intervals and low maintenance needs. The air filter is very easy to replace.
    • IP55 (TEFC) IE3 Motor
    • Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor ensures reliability. Efficiency ratings at or above premium regulations

    Full Feature

    Air Dryer (Full Feature models) The integrated dryer efficiently removes moisture, aerosols, and dirt particles to protect your complete installation. This quality air expands the life of equipment, increasing efficiency and ensuring quality in your final product. Pressure dew point at 3°C /37°F at maximum FAD. (100% relative humidity at 20°C/68°F)


    G7 G7L G11 G15
    HP 10 10 15 20
    CFM @ 100 PSI N/A 45 61 69
    CFM @ 125 PSI 36 40 54 64
    CFM @ 150 PSI 34.1 35 49 59
    CFM @ 175 PSI N/A 29 40 49
    Recommended Dryer FX 3 FX 4 FX 5
    Recommended Filter UD/QD 25+/35+ UD/QD 45+/35+ UD/QD 45+/35+ 


    Optional Add Ons

    • Electric drain with timers (Tank Mount Only)
    • 500 L (125 Gal.) Tank
    • Wooden box for extra protection during shipping
    • Food Grade Oil
    • PDX filter kit (Full Feature Only)
    • Electronic drain EWD on tank any size
    • After Cooler for Pack (Standard on Full Feature)
    • Water Separator Kit for Pack Floor Mount (optional aftercooler required)
    • Water Separator kit for Pack Tank Mount (optional aftercooler required)
    • Electronic drain EWD for optional separator of Pack
    • Change voltage 208/460/575

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